Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Judgment Vapor Locks

Do we not cast a cloud, a vapor lock, when we observe the situation of another through eyes of judgment? An underlying current of “inadequacy” that any living being can feel, even though it may not be able to articulate it? Is it not ultimately a game of the ego, to feel superior somehow? Robbing us of empathy? To feel vindicated/validated on a very superficial level?

To give a gift, as a true gift, with no attachment, with no expectation, with no agenda, with no ego, secure enough in our base to give the gift, letting go of the outcome?

How many are mature enough of Spirit, to accomplish such an unworldly deed? To blame this or that, to have sufficient faith in one’s beliefs that no coercion is inflicted upon the will of others? Faith enough, harnessed with an immersed gnowing that things work out as they should, even if we don’t understand it at the time.

The world is full of Master Manipulators; skillful puppeteers that love to pull and prey on the weakness of others, some in positions of honor, some in places of treachery. All have fallen victim to such fiends at one time or another; those who say no, victim of their own delusion.

The gift of healing is best given free of tainted human perception. The ultimate “letting go”.  Free will learns the most profound lessons at the end of a free rein. It is here self is ready to look that deeply at contributions we all make to the planets ills. It is the place where self does not need to ask “why” anymore. Self is ready to see the run away train that selling out for comfort brings. Self is ready to see how modern conveniences have greatly weakened the vital force of the planet and all her life contained therein.

When self is mature enough in Spirit to see, accept and ponder such responsibility, perhaps here is where self can finally find the courage to emancipate from such sickly functions, regain security in her base energetic structure and function from a place of governing self, falling no more to the subtle sellout of judgment vapor locks.