Monday, August 23, 2010

Clearing the way for a new direction

Greetings all,

Seems I needed one more thing to do, so I added blogging to my list!

Life is carrying me to many new directions. This will be good way to keep intouch, keep updated and possibly be a new direction for the newsletter to grow towards.

I am writing for a new site that I believe will be a better fit than the old one. This new site allows writers much more creative freedom and expression about what we live and know. Morphing to the expectation of the old site was choking the words from me. I have new articles in the works, they will take your mind in a different direction at the very least! You can find me at:

Here are some homeopathic sites that have a few other articles: click on "All the things I wish I didn't have to say".

Working with my beloved equines is foremost on my list. As life breaths new clients into my work, a web of talented people emerges, connected by caring hearts. There has been an upswing in the human clients seeking the benefits of energy work. It is good to see them shed the patterns that have served their purpose and grow to who they want to be.

All in all, life is good!