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What Everyone Should Know About GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)

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The health of any being correlates directly to the health of the soil.

A truth modern man is in dire need of reconnecting with. Consider this your lesson from the “ground up”. The very essence of what grounding is. From dust we came, to dust we return, in the physical sense. Your connection to the Earth runs deeper than you know.

The soil works much like our digestive system. Just as we ingest food that ferments in the gut with the help of digestive acids, enzymes and probiotics to extract nutrients, so substances like rotting vegetation, manure and decomposing tissue ferment (compost) with the help of bacteria, molds and insects to enrich the soil and feed plant life.

This is the soils greatest gift to us; She takes that which we label as waste and transmutes it to something sustainable and useable. Any energy worker worth their salt knows the importance of contact of hands/body to soil; it transmutes the pain within us and shines new light on burnt dross. She is in us, we within Her, the glow goes both ways when this realization occurs. The loathing and disconnect is quelled, the connection to nourishment/Source/planet re-established.

Ancient agricultural societies like some in China and India have kept the land fertile and producing for thousands of years, without depleting the soils abundance, because their methods hold true to the above mentioned concepts.

Modern man, with all his studies and justifications of ego, seeks to override these ancient truths as world populations explode and burden natural systems ability to provide. Any creature whose quantities exceed with disregard to the natural balance of what is sustainable becomes a burden, no matter what the “pre-programming” induces one to believe. The sad relevance of this becomes clearer as this piece unfolds.

There is enough for everyone’s need, but not everyone’s greed, so the old saying goes. Mankind had been manipulating crop yields for centuries. Hybrids, grafting and selective breeding are nothing new to agriculture. Many crops barely resemble their heirloom forbearers of long ago, though there is a resurging interest in growing these plants of days gone by.

The addition of chemical fertilizers results in a slight of hand increase in crop size and production. These plants and their subsequent yield are referred to as “obese” (note human/animal bodies suffer the same) by Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj in his beloved book “Homeopathy for Farm and Garden”. In other words, the produce grown with these chemicals look wonderful, but lack nutrients found in smaller organically grown operations. As the nutrient content (especially minerals) is diminished in the food eaten, there is a direct correlation to those up the food chain, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides all contributing to the decline of health.

Agencies in charge of keeping the food supply safe insist the levels of these chemicals are safe to ingest, and according to them, should be broken down by the acids in the digestive tract. Many of these substances mimic estrogen spiking a host of endocrine problems; they are not as safe as these agencies would like us to believe.

These agencies imply the same should happen when spliced genetic materials inserted into crops to increase yield and disease resistance are ingested. These crops are engineered to withstand heavy doses of herbicides which would kill un-tampered seed, a morbid cocktail for those up the food chain ingesting this poisonous combination.

The subsequent rise in digestive issues suffered by many beings indicates beings have trouble breaking down this mutant protein, but the mutant protein seems to have no trouble corroding the gut.

Another of the many insidious aspects to what this tainted food does, it will cripple an individuals “gut feel”. The Vagus Nerve wonders from the brain stem through the neck, thorax and abdomen. Ancients called it the second brain as this sensitive system can and should detect intuitive messages to keep the individual safe. “Let thy food be thy medicine” Hippocrates said. This was the original self medicating, what to ingest, what to expel. This not only applied to the physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual realms as well. Numerous studies have shown this. Poison the food, you poison the mind. It is the easiest way to “disembowel” the fortitude of any being.

The solar plexus of Modern man has long been ailing. If you think the above has no consequence, ponder this, in the not to distant past huge piles of buffalo were left dead across the plains to starve Native Nations out. Native folk could not make sense of such killing and leaving it to rot; a waste of wastes. Fast forward a hundred years give or take a few decades and realize the gluttonous abuse of credit by individuals, corporations and governments leaves a different pile of rot that many cannot fathom. A solar plexus out of tune never knows when it’s full, physically, emotionally or spiritually. History repeats with an accumulation of aggravated consequence for unknown generations.

The history of Monsanto (the company driving the GMO trend) has a long list of producing poisons that kill and maim.

Products such as saccharin (1901), Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs 1929), DDT (1944), Agent Orange (1961), glyphosate (Round-up weed killer 1973), Aspartame (NutraSweet 1974 approved for human consumption 1981 despite studies showing brain tumors, holes in brains – this is a most potent neurotoxin and should never be consumed), the bovine growth hormone rBST, and genetically modified crops such as  tomatoes, soy, corn, canola, cotton, sugar beets, alfalfa just to name a few, are some  of the toxic products this company strong armed its way on to a somnolent public.

With false promises of increase crop yields, disease/pest/drought/resistant plants, farmers that bit into the bitter fruit Monsanto offered soon found themselves spraying tons of glyphosate on modified plants that provided neither increase in crop yield or disease/pest/drought  resistant. In fact, the opposite occurred, an increase of super weeds and super bugs emerged as a result of the abuse of such toxic chemicals to the land.

It has long been tradition of farmers to withhold part of their crop to reseed in following years. With GMO seed, new patented seed stock must be purchased by farmers yearly.

Monsanto employs strong arm tactics such as suing farmers whose crops showed cross-pollination by near-by GMO fields, even though these farmers never once purchased the tainted seed that Monsanto offered. Monsanto has been the target of much litigation and has paid out huge sums of money to those affected by its poisons; however the pay outs are a mere pittance compared to the companies’ profits.

By buying small seed companies and patenting its GMO seed, Monsanto is slowing gaining a monopoly over the worlds food supply. No labeling is required by governing agencies in the United States or Canada. In many other countries this poison is rightly banned. When Monsanto shipped a load of GMO seed to earthquake ravaged Haiti, the locals wisely burned the seed. They had the fortitude to tackle what Nature doled out to them, without selling out for lifelong stab in the back this poisoned seed would inflict on future generations and the land. More humans should have such foresight and where withal to follow through.

Sanctify the Soil

As fore mentioned, the health of the body depends on the health of the soil. Life is holographic, dynamic and symbiotic. You cannot do something that will not affect another. If humans learn to rein-in their elitist attitude of the two-legged’s place in the world, perhaps all life will be a bit safer. Time alone will tell.

The glyphosate sprayed on these “Round-up ready plants” disrupts the good bacteria in the soil, just as the residues will disrupt the beneficial bacteria in the gut of those who ingest it. Aside from harming the probiotics (in the soil and the gut), this compound greatly confuses the bodies (of plants and animals) ability to chelate minerals from the earth.

According to Dr. Don Huber, “If you can chelate and, in that chelation process, essentially immobilize that essential nutrient, you have provided an opportunity to either kill a weed or damage and kill an organism—any organism… that have that particular requirement for that physiologic pathway with glyphosate or the shikimate pathway…”
The newest round of GMO corn has the pesticide built in. This gene, known as the bt toxin, will split the stomach of bugs that eat it. Any we wonder why the rise in digestive issues? This bt toxin is now found synthesizing in human blood of pregnant women and their fetuses. We have been turned into our very own, walking pesticide plants! Consider the above mentioned issues of inability to chelate minerals and the pandemic of “obese, starving individuals” makes complete and sickening sense. The food is cheap to produce and insanely poisonous. Many believe this is a direct attempt at curbing exploding populations. With the addition of artificial sweeteners (also GMO) it is an addictive cocktail the world is willingly consuming unto death, all while turning a huge profits through lobbying, cheap food, increasing health costs. Those at higher levels should be tried for crimes against humanity for allowing this to happen for the sake of the dollar.

Rising soil acidity is also forcing some farmers to consider GMO seed as they will grow in very acidic soil. Horse manure is alkaline; composting horse manure into your garden will help counter acidic effects modern life imposes on the soil. Tissue salts also have their value in conditioning the soil back to health.

Denial is the Delusion, Equals the Dis-ease

For those that have been in the healing arts (conventional and alternative) pre-GMO days, one cannot recall such an explosion of ill health as increased allergies, organ, reproductive and digestive issues. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine lists a few of the follow issues related to GMO consumption:

Specificity of the association of GM foods and specific disease processes is also supported. Multiple animal studies show significant immune dysregulation, including upregulation of cytokines associated with asthma, allergy, and inflammation. 6,11 Animal studies also show altered structure and function of the liver, including altered lipid and carbohydrate metabolism as well as cellular changes that could lead to accelerated aging and possibly lead to the accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). 7,8,10 Changes in the kidney, pancreas and spleen have also been documented. 6,8,10 A recent 2008 study links GM corn with infertility, showing a significant decrease in offspring over time and significantly lower litter weight in mice fed GM corn.8 This study also found that over 400 genes were found to be expressed differently in the mice fed GM corn. These are genes known to control protein synthesis and modification, cell signaling, cholesterol synthesis, and insulin regulation. Studies also show intestinal damage in animals fed GM foods, including proliferative cell growth and disruption of the intestinal immune system.

When GMO feeds were first introduced to livestock, veterinarians treating these creatures noted a spike in fertility and reproductive issues. Take note, sterilize the soil, it affects those further up the food chain.

In horses, there is what many believe to be “ulcers”, also recurrent episodes of colic. Long before the gut erodes to an “ulcerative” state, there is some sort of indigestion or nausea. What makes detecting this difficult in the equine is their digestive track works only one way. What goes in must come out, they cannot regurgitate or belch.

Indigestion of the equine often represents itself as a being trying to ingest “indigestible” objects, like the licking of soils, sand, some may only have access to cement anchors to the base of their corrals. This in and of itself will point to a group of homeopathic remedies; additionally, bi-yearly (spring and autumn when the endocrine system is most active) detoxes with clays like zeolite can be of great benefit here, as does allowing for a bit of grazing for stabled individuals.

In earthquake prone areas, the earth up wells Her deepest depths near fault lines. It is not uncommon to find natural deposits of healing clays that many animals (wild and domestic) will gravitate too and ingest so it may pull toxins from the body.

Other classes of remedies will address various types of indigestion, whether bile comes up, undigested food etc. This is the beginning of bolstering the Vital Force of the being, to evolve to a place of tolerating the toxins it has no choice but to ingest. The body has the right to “purge” this poison from itself and these attempts should be honored. Human need to suppress and hide the symptoms will most definitely push the “dis-ease” deeper, causing greater ills. Gentle detoxes, boosting the Vital Force with the appropriate constitutional remedy and eating a clean a diet as economically possible hedge your best bets to bring a being to the place of being able to calibrate to the toxins now so prevalent – calibrating to a level of tolerating poisons is where we are at.

Allopathic means of addressing such an issue includes the addition of anti-acids to the digestive tract. This can exasperate the corrosion of the digestive tract as acid is needed by the stomach to digest food. When acid is lacking, it stresses other organs/endocrine glands in the system to work harder as they pick up the slack the poorly performing stomach is left unable to do.

It is not uncommon to see beings that have been on anti-acids long term succumbing to some sort of endocrine imbalance. The pancreas generally is the first to ask for balance as seen in the rise of insulin resistance and/or diabetes. The dominos continue to fall from here as the “dis-ease” gets pushed deeper into the body and organs begin to ail.

While stemming the decline of health with the addition of probiotics to the diet is a very good idea, it is equally important to keep in mind many probiotics are also now GMO.

Fermented foods are a rich part of the diet in many cultures. Kefir, yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, organic apple cider vinegar with the Mother in it, kimchi and host of others are very beneficial to replacing the gut with beneficial bacteria and enzymes that components of modern living deplete, without the worry of being GMO.

If GMO foods are taken in daily, beneficial bacteria are under constant assault, therefore good measure would require a stead ingestion of richly cultured foods. Likewise, any being taking antibiotics will need at least 6 months to a year of ingesting a clean source of probiotics to replace the good gut bacteria.

The soothing and deeply nutritive qualities of Slippery Elm have made it a popular addition to many diets to ease the irritated gut linings. Remain mindful to harvest/grow such herbs with the balance of other living systems in mind, lest we become the monster we fear.

Chia seed, used by the Mayans, demonstrates to of huge value when added to diets. Its mucilage qualities coat and ease corroded stomach and intestines, the omega 3’s soothe inflammation and nourish cells as does the alpha-linolenic acid. Aztecs and Mayans used it as food to sustain in times of scarcity. It is known as a corps reviver to those deeply depleted and morose as it can be made into a gel that is easily sipped by adding water for those gravely ill. It gently cleanses the liver and gallbladder and gives stability to the pancreas when blood sugar issues are a worry.

Combinations of clay detoxes and fermented foods have greatly boosted, alleviated and lessened the occurrence of digestive issues in horses and other beings. A simple start with grand benefits, as clays pull the toxins from tissues and cultured foods re-seed the gut with the fire to digest; here is the beginning of a strong immune system.

Additionally, as the btToxin inhibits the chelation process of minerals in bodies that consume this, we see imbalances of magnesium and other minerals. Deficiencies of magnesium are noted as cramping, muscle spasms and digestive issues. In horses, this will produce a particular type of colic in which their gut gets sucked up, presenting itself quite quickly and aggressively. This type of colic is common with magnesium imbalances.

Often, supplementation with mineral supplements is not helpful as the gut is compromised and the being suffers from mal-absorption. The tissue salt Mag. Phos. 6x can be of great value with such beings.

When colic presents as such in the horse, the body may produce a great deal of gas to counteract the sucking up of the belly, the body is trying its best to regain “balance”. Carmative herbs can be helpful here (a twisted gut can be extremely dangerous to equines), following a gentle detox and replenishing probiotics to restore proper gut function.

Beet pulp has become a staple in many horses’ diets. This beet pulp is what remains after GMO sugar beets have been rendered for their sugar content. Some believe this causing a certain type of mobility issue in horses, as it affects the spleen. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the health of the Spleen is associated with the power and prow ness of the hind legs. In dogs, one may observe tumors of the spleen that cause a great deal of grief for the pet, even unto death. Feeding a simple diet with as little processed feeds as possible is becoming necessary. Non-GMO feeds will proudly state so, if there is no such label, its most likely GMO.

For humans and dogs, one sees them once the corrosion has progressed to the point of passing blood in the stool. This is becoming an all too common norm.

Homeopathic remedies can address such a distressed state. Turn a rounds are possible and often easier for the pet to accomplish than humans. In cases where the families have changed the diet of the pet and the pet bounces back, this act often inspires the family to make dietary changes that benefit the entire tribe.

Humans can often be the most difficult as the addictive additions in many process foods (aside from the GMO component) make it very hard for them to break the addictive cycle these “dodo” foods create. Loaded with MSG, artificial sweeteners, fructose corn syrup (also GMO), most packaged/processed foods create a dependency (aside from the so called “convenience”) that is hard for many humans to break. Eliminating the most common culprits like high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and canola oil are a wise step to ease humans back to better health. Read the labels, these items are common in most all packaged foods.

Break Down the Soil, Break Down the Body, Break Down the Family

Once upon a time in America, it was possible for a household to sustain itself with the income of one partner. Now, several jobs may not be enough to cover expenses, if indeed, one has work at all.

Society has become addicted to an adrenaline race. Moms give birth, race back to work. Babies (whose energy fields do not seal completely till 6 months of age) are left in the care of strangers. The sacred act of bonding with family disregarded. The base has already begun to erode. Artificial baby formulas (most also contain GMOs) start the child on this downward spiral path.

 Parents, rushing to make ends meet, have no time to think, let alone prepare nourishing, home cooked meals. Many folks seem “proud” not to cook, throwing away the keys to their own and their families’ health via an inability to nourish self, as self knows to do, when not clouded by toxins.

In ancient cultures, women were the healers. They knew what to gather as food and as medicine. Such was our relationship with our Mother (Earth), our sacred right.

As patriarchal societies took hold, the witch hunts began and ended with women burned at the stake for their “knowing”. The scar of this action remains in the collective consciousness of women; ladies, the time is rife to reclaim our birthright.

Though planning meal after meal can be burdensome in modern society, throwing away the right to nourish sprouting bodies is an abomination society will pay dearly for as these young ones grow up on food that will greatly damage developing organs. We have no idea what we are throwing away under the guise of “liberation” or convenience.

The proof lies in the declining health of smaller beings with shorter life spans. Not that long ago, the life span of most dogs ranged from 14 to 18 years depending on size and breed. Then one noted pets suffering earlier deaths at about 10 years old. There is now an alarming trend of pets dying around age 5 or 6 years of age. Organs are failing with rapid decline that is eluding the best of what both conventional and alternative means have to offer.

Most farm animals are now raised CAFO (Caged Animal Farming Operations). They are fed GMO formulated feeds, kept in horrifically small areas (no room to move around, barely enough to lay and stand), pumped full of antibiotics (to keep disease away from such close and confined circumstances), hormones (to grow rapidly and reach their “butcher” weight). All this goes into meat considered “safe” for human consumption. 

Pet food standards allow for decayed, deceased, diseased carcasses to be used in pet food. There is also the infamous “pet protein meal”, made right here in the city of Vernon, where the deceased carcasses of pets and those picked up by animal control are converted to a protein power added in many bargain pet foods. This is like a cocktail of disease for your pet to ingest.

Many holistic brands also contain ingredients that are toxic to pets such as yucca, alfalfa (known to cause kidney damage in dogs and cats if fed long term), rosemary and avocado to name a few. These are listed as toxins on the ASPCA website, yet are in many “holistic” pet food brands. Likewise onions and garlic (fed continuously) will cause anemia in small pets. Nightshades like tomatoes and potatoes are also in pet foods and should be avoided by those human and critters suffering from arthritis as these foods contribute to painful inflammation.

Many people have been cooking their own pet food, that way you know exactly what goes into it. While it seems like a lot of work, it takes no time to put some ingredients in a pot and cook up a weeks worth of chow. Cooked food provides a certain “warmth” many beings need for digestion.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine certain deficient beings have not the “fire in their belly” to process raw uncooked food. A cooked or warm diet will aid such a deficient being on the way back to health with a more fortified digestive system.

Raw diets are also increasing in popularity. It is imperative to take into consideration the constitution of the being, detoxing and rebuilding digestive health. This process can take a while to reconstitute (up to 2 years in some) and should not be rushed. The body will give signs as it is ready to heal and rebuild. It is not to be pushed according to anyone’s agenda but it’s own.

From 1932 to 1942 Dr. Pottenger reversed many chronic diseases in cats he was to experiment on by feeding them a raw diet. It took several generations of feeding a clean raw diet and disease like arthritis, malformations and many other  ailments disappeared. Please note it took several generations for this too happen. While feeding a raw, organic and clean diet is optimal, we have generations of poorly bred and fed beings. Such a culmination of chronic disease will not disappear in one generation with one change of diet. It will give deficient beings the best shot at health possible. Boosting with the correct constitutional homeopathic remedy also solidifies the system.

Neutralizing Extremes

Many try in a vain and fanatic attempt to eat a clean a diet as possible. Many of these folks will also have strong healing crisis with certain types of body work, because their mental state still functions from a place of false superiority and ego.

The world is polluted. Fukushima still spews radiation, GMO crops have pollinated for decades. This mutant dust and its Round-up cohort have circled the earth many times since its inception via tides, winds and storms. Toxic dispersants spread across the Gulf when Horizon blew have also spread via currents. This list goes on and on, there is no going back. Our so called comfort comes at a huge price. It is the cost of being born into this Modern World. It is blood we all share on our hands, save lost indigenous peoples that knew better than their hapless siblings.

Humans have long had the phony habit of placing themselves above all other life forms, and here we sit at the cross roads of leaving our children and all other life a very poisoned and polluted planet. No other being has done this to its offspring, break the delusion.

Beings born too weak to survive, beings dieing younger and younger, eluding the best both conventional and alternative medicine have to offer. Organ failure (dubbed Sudden Death Syndrome) is on the climb. The die off has been happening for sometime now, how many have noticed? How many care? Life will need to calibrate to handle toxins, this needs to be done respectfully and as the body is capable of doing so, if indeed, it can.

This information is very hard to take. It is not intended to cause dismay; it is intended to incite action. To better care for yourself and those you love. Humans have a certain streak of hypocrisy not found in other beings; we strive to save one being while slaughtering thousands of others (including our own kind); an in congruency often born out of guilt or some silly superiority complex driven by ego.

Somewhere between the delusions of “we are better than that” and “that is the best a human can do” lays the still point, the zero, the infinity. The place where we have maturity of spirit to impartially observe and obliterate all the pre-programmed bullshit and do what we must from peaceful resolution and self realization for ourselves and those we love, without a hint of the so-called higher self that is still a trick of the ego and assumes we are above the rules of Nature. The black hole humanity falls into time and time again with yet, another good intention gone awry. We are all One, what is done to the web, befalls us all, there is no sugar coating the pandora's box opened here.

We can reconnect with the land and grow our own food. Even apartment dwellers are making creative window gardens that help sustain and reconnect the body with the wisdom stored in seeds.

If this is not possible, local farmers markets provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with those who grow our foods. Get to know these stewards of the land and what your body likes. It is your right to know your medicine.

When preparing meals or sitting down to eat, we can advocate a simple thought of gratitude for the land, the farmer, the meal in communion with the blueprint that all Nature holds. That those tending the land will honor Her, Her abundance, Her willingness to forgive and transmute and that the same can occur with our cells. To regenerate and rebalance that life again will know reverence and respect. We owe life this much.

We can learn from ancient cultures like the Hopi, Kogi, Bushmen, Mongolians, Aboriginals, Inuit’s, those whose connection with the land and her beings runs much deeper than our own. Where each knows the song it was meant to sing, singing loud and strong even unto death. Something Modern man knows oh so little of, for we do not even know how to utter “don’t feed me this poison”! Our dogmatic teachings sound oh so sweet, yet they provide little but lip service, knowing nothing of what a real death song sounds like. You hear it ages before the life force leaves the veins…

Mainstream media has been warning of upcoming worldwide famines for a while now. Knowing the sterility that modern agricultural methods inflict on the soil, that’s a no brainer. Once the glyphosate is sprayed on the soil, the soil may take years to recover.

The homeopathic is tight knit community. We often end up with cases no one else knows what to do with. In small clinics around the world such as the Bumi Sehat Bali, damage to fetuses give testimony to the poisonous effects GMO soy inflicted on the impoverished. Similar and yet more extensive damage to body functions has long been observed in the animal community as well; the animals and the poor have been testing subjects. Seems the government is still handing out pox infested blankets to those deemed less than.

The time to break the delusion has long passed. The dominos are falling and no one really knows where this will all end. Those believing that modern farming methods will save exploding populations will hold dear to their delusion even when faced with their own family succumbing to the poison, such is the depth of human delusion.

Wild animals have long reject GMO feeds. The seeping effect though, still infects them, as even their Vital Force has not the vibrancy it use to have. This is very telling to those who can listen.

There is proposed legislation in several states to label GMO products. It is strongly urged to contact representatives and give the public that much notice. By all rights, GMO’s should have been banned long ago, but too many government officials are Monsanto. All this has the feel of shutting the barn door after the horse has left, but for the sake of future generations that will have to deal with the mess that greed inspired contact the following organizations, keep informed, buy/grow the cleanest food economically feasible and make a whole lot of noise to your government officials.

This is the latest information as of this writing, on this rapidly evolving dilemma. GMO salmon, hogs and poultry are next on your menu, time to stop Monsanto and their Frankenfoods. Helpful sites listed below:

Avocate people, for yourselves and future generations.