Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jumping Timelines – The Future Teaches the Past

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Describe infinity, the indefinable number, the great void. A tall order for two-leggeds; stuck in the past or future, generally oblivious to the moment, the present. The gift, release of the ego-driven, pinhole perspective, glimpses of eternal.

In Quantum Sciences and in Energetic Healing the symbol of the figure eight on its side; The Zero, The Stillpoint, the place to access a deeper knowing than the level before. Down the spiral we go.

In human terms we struggle to define the sacred and mystic, indeed it is a place for no words, sensation and gestures mostly, that which reconnects to the place before this place, some of us recall; the safety of the Universal Womb, before the physicality of our mothers’ wombs, where the beginning weavings of the illusion of separation sprouted.

While many dogmatic teachings strive to connect us with the security the Great Mothers Womb the universe provides, many two-leggeds feel sequestered from Devine province as evidenced by the “why me?” when castigation is perceived. Most are born robbed of the secure base that should be a birthright.

Ideals of heaven, karma and reincarnation strive to bridge the gap of this perceived separation and lack of self foundation. Yet even these will be limiting, depending on individual scope and levels of perceptions, dividing the opposing forces of nature, light and dark, good and bad, female and male: instead of viewing all from a secure base knowing all are forces governing balance. It is only when self is in “dis-ease” that equilibrium of perspective and erosion of foundation is lost. Trust in the grand design crumbles and implodes in a sinkhole of self pity. The Great Mother nourished and sustained all thus far.

There is a theory in Quantum Physics that all time exists at once. Complex equations reappear to the familiar place of infinity, the Figure Eight on its side. The only consistent answer, something, the elusive, can’t be put into words, the Great Mystery, goes on forever.

Some believe that this symbolizes the timeline itself (as humans know it to be, past, present, future). This timeline loops over and back on itself, and connects to a new dimension/reality. This pattern repeats infinitely. The ancients had a “map” for this.

Known as the “Flower of Life” in many religions, it is a symbol of realities accessed by those ready to release/return to the knowing before incarnation. When viewed holographically, it is like a large spin of yarn that extends eternally, at many levels and directions. A timeline that isn’t, merely a blossoming flower, just beginning cognizance.

Perhaps with the limitations of language, heaven/karma/reincarnation is the closest, human explanation for such an expansive concept locked within such a limited creature as a human. Animals have long since accessed such knowing; hence the Ancients knew the Great Spirit spoke to them through the animals. These creatures have no ego, nor agenda hence they were the Original Healers, they see clearly that which man usually cannot.  They still see the rainbows (energy fields) surrounding all entities. Full circle evidence shows the rise in the employment of therapy animals. Humans return to knowing.

This “Flower of Life” can also be likened to patterns that repeat in nature. Ancients knew these to be “songs”. Vibrations sung by every living atom, and if one is so inclined, sub-atomic particles. These vibrations sing to the existence of the largest of organisms and experiences; as below, so above; from the most minuscule dance of the atom, to neurological patterns, to life, to patterns of planetary celestial dances, all mirroring each other.

When intuition is accessed, insights may come from many forms. The Akashic Field (what many religions refer as the “Book of Life)”, the place in the ethers where all that was ever experience by everything is recorded. Information may also come from substances that have long held memory, such as water, and certain elements that comprise the body hold such memories as well. Many of these elements have long recycled around the globe/universe, for eons. DNA is another source that can reveal ancestral and borrowed songs.

So what exactly is this cellular memory? What exactly is karma? What exactly is re-incarnation? As below, so above, a theory is just that, a thought, an ideal, a notion. Humanity has always told itself what it needs to survive (levels of perception), all that remains as fact is what is sensed in the present moment, to a specific being, the rest is conjecture.

Infinite paths exist to presentiment. Experience condenses itself individually, while echoing a very immense, collective pattern. Cognition of these resonances liberates and neutralizes many deliberations (dis-ease) self has.

These patterns are often called upon by individuals in crisis when they feel their own survival at stake.

Such patterns are borrowed from the mineral kingdom for structure (the very building blocks of life), from the plant kingdom for sensitivity (rooted yet enduring cycles) or from the animal kingdom for survival (competition). 

Homeopathy employs the energetic signatures of these substances to liberate individuals from their “stuck” state, so they will be able to sing the song they were meant to sing, not the one borrowed. This is only one of many ways to incorporate the vast experience of self, so awareness liberates the being to live unencumbered by familial, cultural, societal expectations and thereby allowing self to live with a knowing of core infinite wisdom.

Health is the awareness of knowing what to do in that moment, then moving on and not getting stuck in any particular state.

Borrowed Patterns, Ingrained Patterns and Levels of Awareness

These borrowed patterns that sing of elementals of the universe (mineral, plant, animal), will ring through the tissues and energy fields of all life. This matter has recycled the planet for millennia.

In Ancient Cultures these elemental strengths that comprise life, were spun into storytelling. History was handed down, generation to generation, increasing the intellects ability to retain information as all had to be memorized. There was no written material to return to for reference. Cycles of the Natural World were the written record from which to draw reference. Ancients had a multitude of stone, plant and animal totems to guide them.

As civilizations rose, educational systems sprung. A parallel dynamic formed, for as governments grew to harvest a sprouting crop of humanity, so systems to harness mindsets were needed. All governments corral their populace via poverty, ignorance, illness or intoxication.

Education is viewed by many as a key to liberation of this corralled state, yet most “out of the box” thinkers must delve deep into other “knowings” outside the common education system as learning institutions must too often adhere to standards that funnel the masses to serve the agenda of the government at hand. All governments engage this, it is how they survive and ultimately, like all things in nature, decay and collapse.

As most things human and short-sighted, civilization sought to buffer individuals from the “harshness” of nature. Many nomadic tribes fought this stage in humanity vehemently. Trust in the cycles of the Great Mother was key to these nations, on many continents, to stay in balance.  The conceding of Nomadic life meant strangulation and stagnation. As “civilized” populations grew, so did dis-ease. Miasmic taints were born and spread (see Miasms and De-evolution), as were parasitic loads.

Here the plantings of illness took a turn, enslave the Spirit, dis-ease the body. From the borrowed patterns of nature came a new layer of fear-driven cultural and miasmic discord. The further humanity is driven from the songs of the ley lines, the less their feet dance, the sicker bodies grew.

New systems of “medicine” formed. Drugs dispensed waved a magic wand of delusion, though the symptoms seemingly gone, the “illness” pushed deeper continuing to do wrong, generation after generation.

Robbed of the birthright to journey, traversing different terrain, eating a variety of fauna exposes and strengthens the immune system and bolsters to allay allergens, the body declines in health. On his deathbed Louis Pasteur recanted his original theory. “The germ is nothing, the soil is everything” (the environment/vital force of the body itself).

By then “science” had entrenched the belief onto a populace void of fortified foundation, the magic pill will correct the “dis-ease”. Vital Force weakened by chemically grown fodder, layers of sedentary, artificial living and drugs convened to sift individual perception to varying levels of awareness – delusion. What self perceives to be reality is clouded by layers of miasmic, familial, cultural, educational and societal constrictions yoked with an inability to act upon the yearnings of their hearts. Patterns so ingrained, self mistakes harm for help.

These levels of awareness exist. Some experience only from a “factual” level of programmed information and numbers, others from an emotional/feeling level where perception is interpreted by feelings evoked, the delusion level can produce skewed action as self is reacting from a distant shock to the system, that may be carried ancestrally or through some other far removed trauma echoed in the web of life. Most all life carries within it some sort of this shock. At the sensation level, a layer is reached that resonates with non-human, universal elements, the place of no words, cannot be described. Most beings operate from combination of several of these layers depending on many factors. There are other layers that emanate from these, however the fore mentioned suffice for this context.

Paper That Makes Us Crazy

As these layers converge and fog perception the duping and exploitation of the masses becomes easily manipulated. Students work diligently at some sort of scholarly pursuit, at the end of much application a degree or diploma is awarded. Self graduates and is under the impression the education paid for will render what only life experience can enlighten.

In any pursuit self chooses to learn, bear in mind, the best teachers will provide good, basic keys, the rest is for self to unlock. This is a birthright, not to be yoked by the limits of others. Perception through the levels and spirals is a never ending endeavor of refinement. The more refined know less is more, and at the center of a peaceful core infinite possibility exists.

We live in a world where a being is born, you get a piece of paper, you learn something, you get a piece of paper, you buy something, you get a piece of paper, you toil endless hours, you get a piece of paper, something you love dies, you get a piece of paper.

Welcome to your delusion! When mankind began to section and sell off the Great Mother, a piece of the Soul was sold out and the process to reclaim it goes on. Beings bred and sold like meat for market; it wasn’t long before we sold ourselves. The process to reclaim goes on. This is how far a reach the delusion spread, self mistook harm for help.

We buy land and think we own it; this is how far the delusion spread. Any war surviving offspring knows the fickleness and inherited susceptibility to greed governments possess. Security in paper crumbles like the towers that turned to ash and littered the land with useless piles of paper.

For the truth is the planet is our birthright. All indigenous people know this and carry this song in their hearts. That’s why their feet still feel the ley lines, the songs to sing and the dance, as only the body knows to pray.

When self feels safe and strong enough to plummet through the sub-conscious so deeply and come to terms with all that dwells there, only then will the Hara (the backbone of the energy field) root deeply into the earth and take self to a place way beyond the “grounding” self believed itself to be; a benevolent place way beyond the right and wrong of things.

When the roots of self remember who you were meant to be and you are ok in your own skin, then the upper aspects can open and reach to the heavens and embrace the dance the celestial lessons of the stars beckon. When self can do this, self is like a tree, branching in all directions/dimensions. Life becomes an amazing design to weave and no longer fear. Birthright complete, the circle came back fully on itself, looped over and starts a new level of awareness.

Levels of awareness increase as energy centers expand.

Transitions to Other Worlds, the Future Teaches the Past

A baby is born, the entire family dynamics change. “I didn’t think it would be so much work”, I didn’t thing it would be so hard”, echoes of parents lament. In most cases overshadowed by a tremendous love that evokes self beyond unknown limits.

The child receives the diagnose of autism. The family exhausts all means (energy, emotional, financial, etc.) as the oversensitivity of the childs’ sensory level seems to demand such at the time (level of knowing).

This family spends time studying healing practices and cultures of old. An odd whim sends them around the world to far away lands. There the shaman reach a place within the boy and his family and the diagnose looses its grip.

The father, able to set his ego aside, follows the son to journey where both bloom. The journey initiated by the horse.

The sensory work, just laying on the horse, gives all family members a chance to let go of all preconceived notions and just be. Many a child deprived of restful sleep will doze hours after such a release, as may their parents. Restore the body clock, begin the healing.

Well trained horses that transition easily from walk, to trot, to canter, ease these sensitives to smoother transitions in our world. From inside to outside, from home to school and on and on it goes. The rocking of the hips astride the horse opens mental and emotional faculties conventional methods fail to access. The family grows and thrives; the glow goes both ways, the child no longer a drain. The future teaches the past, as Ancients always knew; the Earth is borrowed from your children.

The horse, once used by man in war, to kill, to conquer, now finds itself in a position of the sentient being all animals can be, given the chance, outside humanities colored perceptions. The work of Rupert Issaacson and his son Rowan in their “Horseboy” method are transcendental to engage in.

Those working with horses have long known the healing power of the horse. The horse has no ego, no agenda. In the presence of any beast that has been allowed the grace of knowing and owning its full potential, its unlimited core, peaceful healing occurs. This is a grace that disintegrates miasmic, pre-programmed patterns to the oblivious chains of false expectation they are. Self is free to jump the timelines if one is so inclined.

In deep canyons, Ancient beings share their knowledge of use to be, how the land looked before the concrete came, abundance of wildlife modern man could never know any other way. They for tell the seasons, of rain, drought, they tell what to store, what to give away.

Their reality is just a thin timeline, ethereal membrane away, to those with that which hears. Just like ours, just like what will be. The hologram goes on an on. Nothing really ends; it just morphs to something else.

Death and the Birth of Self

Borrowed patterns, engrained patterns and levels of awareness; from the template before the template we borrowed from the mineral, plant and animals kingdoms.

At birth we borrow from parents, family, society, nature and more. The sooner self is stripped of what is borrowed, the sooner self begins taking possession of itself. Beings that pass, worked that passed, social norms that pass, congeal to awake self as to all that has been “borrowed” for self to assume the posture of self – sufficiency (propping self up).

Death is most likely the most difficult emotion for two-leggeds to come to terms with. It strips the ego down way past the “god-self”, to the raw, naked being the separation from Oneness duped us to be.

The deeper the Hara roots past the delusions of the sub-conscious (that will color perspective), the less self is likely to “borrow” from other beings and kingdoms. When this happens, beings in selfs’ life are more likely to be honored for whom they are, and not what self needs them to be.

Too many times people and animals in our lives for fill a role someone else disgraced. Many belief systems as well, yoke beings with expectations of life lessons past, yet many two-leggeds love their junk, unable to move on, desperately clinging to what was, never seeing the delusion that was, because if sight was clear and the being able to steady itself more on its own two feet, that despondent desolation would be filled with empowered grace, the next piece of the puzzle, the next morph. The timelines would blur and self would still see the loved ones there – still propping you up, just in a different, more internal, infused way. All Self needs, is already there, the nurture of Nature has not yet failed us.

The core is infinite, just as the expansive universe.