Friday, November 29, 2013

Dolphin Talk

Copyright 2013

A friend mentioned I should blog this piece. I shared with a few, then thought, yeah, the more people it reaches the better. So here it is:

These words were carefully chosen, not coming from a place of naivety nor flippancy. Human thinking got us here, it is the world we created. My life long experience has been to be blown away by Natures forgiving and regenerating ways. Will it be like this always - who knows, but for now, live in the moment, we will have all the time we need.

Just felt the need to ramble some thoughts after some very long walks along the beach.

I like to take longs walks that reconnect me in some way I can't explain to nomads of old. This means 2 - 4 hours worth of walking, if the body is up for it.

We have long stretches of beach that allow for this in my area. The body is leaned slightly forward from the ankles, the head, shoulders and hips are balanced over each other, much like a good horseback riding position. The breath is long, low and deliberate to draw breath into the deepest part of the lungs. Walking in the sand slows the gait and you can feel the "firing order" of the entire muscle structure to move you forward. I call this meditative walking - it is something my first horse Berni taught me. You do not think, you only allow thoughts to come you, what the Hopi called "having the door at the top of you head open" so you can connect to all around you.

When I do these walks pods of dolphins always show. Sometimes playing with great fervency, sometimes more pensive. The last few walks, they have been pensive. Great pods of them, swimming within feet of the surfers, floating on the surface with their babes. There is no fear, just many beings sharing territory. There is one, for some reason I get the feeling he is male. He bobs his head up and makes eye contact, just a few feet from shore - I get the impression one could walk through the surf to him, hug him and kiss his precious forehead - haven't done that yet - water is too cold for me, but I bet he'd be game :)

While exchanging with this precious brother, I pondered on how these siblings have no choice but to eat what is supplied - Fukushima or not. I asked him, as one does in this ancient language for anything he can share with me regarding. I was flooded with the image/feeling a friend of mine and I often see at a certain restaurant we frequent that over looks the Catalina Channel. There, between the bluffs and Catalina Island huge pods form and feast - the water looks like its boiling. There are hundreds of them, tons of sea birds too joining the feast. Everytime I see this, I give thanks and am flooded with Universal awe, because I know the ones down the ladder (algae, plankton, small fish) are still doing quite well. Claim/acknowledge our destructive side and we immediately begin to defuse it.

I recalled the water experiments of Dr. Emoto. I recalled how when prudent citizens would pray for certain polluted lakes, algae blooms followed and the lakes cleared. The link below has pictures of the molecules of before and after prayer:

There are ancient underwater lakes and ice core samples of such sacred waters - that "remember who they were meant to be". I am sure, since we are made of such recycled elements, we have that spark within us :)

So, aside from precautions we are all prompted to follow, throw a little prayer out for the sacred waters and Her other babies - it will sustain more than the sum of our fears.

Thank you,