Monday, December 20, 2010

Seeds Sown in Winters Depths

This morning I took a walk in my garden.

Ground soaked from pounding rain, trees bare, their limbs stretching to the heavens. The ground covered in composting leaves. The natural world in deep resolve, rest and restoration gearing up for her yearly show - the bounty of spring.

Later in the day, a client mentions her "weapons", all the tools in life she depended on to get this far, "don't work anymore". I had to chuckle.With our bloody opposeable thumbs we are under the impression we can and should be able to fix anything.

I think many people find themselves in her shoes these days. All the pre-programmed bull written on the slate of our souls being wiped clean from our hard-drives. People are being shaken to the core of their belief systems and life skills.

Jobs are lost, health is lost, homes are lost, families are lost; humanity is brought to the brink of exhausting  learned skills to burn the dross of lies we have held close to our hearts as dear truth. While many mourn this place of days gone by, it is fertile soil to allow the Mastery of soul and spirit to shine through.

We learn to honor that we are part of the cycles of destruction and creation, this hopefully will guide us to proper use of force, healthy boundaries and managing energy with greater finesse.

It should be a time of joy. Lives governed and dulled by the drudgery of daily workplace can find repose, so that once the dross is cleared the soul once again finds purpose, elation and production.

The winter solstice of 2010 along with the lunar eclipse holds celestial berth for beings to dock and contemplate the patterns of old. They have served their purpose and many mourn their passing. To others a sigh of relief is breathed as many begin the see the worth of their soul is not tied to material greed, gain nor has this delusion provided freedom.

There will still be struggles, working under the delusion of such lies makes one vulnerable to the manipulation of others. They too will learn to stand on their own two feet. A difficult struggle for all, treat each other with compassion - all have been crawling for too long.

The "weapons" will crumble and cower to the potency of the soul. We will know when to speak up and use force with prudence. Something animals have known for a long time. The earth - she sings an old song.

The rain is still pounding, we stand like the trees, bare, searching, stretching. The seeds await in the ground, covered, nourished by the rot of that transmuted to fertile ground. The flood waters driving that nourishment deep to the roots where when the time is right, the seed (and only the seed knows when) will flourish and bring life to inaugurate the cycle again.

Have a most Blessed Holiday Season and an incredible New Year!

Merry Christmoose!