Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On Animals, Children and Alcohol

Copyright 2011

A child never forgets the undercurrent of fear they feel when a parent, sibling or guardian is in an intoxicated state.

The uncertainty of “when the other shoe drops”, the violent outbursts, or fits of rage when a person in a place of what should be honor and dignity, falls in the eyes of a child that has not yet been burdened by the complexities of human life.

Outings considered “fun” can take a nasty turn to “out of control” at the drop of a hat; the knowing that too much liquor will fuel a growing tension in the chest of a youngster not yet drinking age, as they watch adults distort themselves into someone crazed.

The child dares not speak, that may provoke violence, for simply telling the truth. The knot in their gut erupts in vomit, seeing mommy and daddy fighting so, the fear just needed to come out.

The sorry excuse the next day, “I was drunk”. Maybe just maybe, in a young child’s heart, you could do better than to give that stinking excuse. The booze ain’t helping that hole in your heart. Why isn’t love enough?

And so one finds a safe place to hide, with so called lesser beings; here one finds a solace a broken family could not bring.

And interesting to note, the creatures know when our attention is focused and cued and not colored by residues that dull our aptitudes.

If given the choice, the creatures prefer our pure presence, good, bad or indifferent. Their unconditional love rings sweeter when we are fully present.

Many years later, some still try to distort the peace, with the false weaning the bottle lends to the Soul, but still the animals know. It is a place from falsehood the human operates, what follows is usually blows.

How much like a child, many animals suffer, they cannot speak, but still they are the buffer. Silently soaking what alcohol causes to suffer.

The human’s sneak into darkened rooms, sipping from a jug in a brown paper sack and its not even noon. The animals feel the divide, to them you cannot lie. But a human’s narrow vision skews reality; their ego makes too much noise vainly trying to cover the truth.

Their delusion soon gives way, for lies and bullshit always crumble. The truth you see speaks loudest in silence and stillness and this, the animals, like children, always know.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Judgment Vapor Locks

Do we not cast a cloud, a vapor lock, when we observe the situation of another through eyes of judgment? An underlying current of “inadequacy” that any living being can feel, even though it may not be able to articulate it? Is it not ultimately a game of the ego, to feel superior somehow? Robbing us of empathy? To feel vindicated/validated on a very superficial level?

To give a gift, as a true gift, with no attachment, with no expectation, with no agenda, with no ego, secure enough in our base to give the gift, letting go of the outcome?

How many are mature enough of Spirit, to accomplish such an unworldly deed? To blame this or that, to have sufficient faith in one’s beliefs that no coercion is inflicted upon the will of others? Faith enough, harnessed with an immersed gnowing that things work out as they should, even if we don’t understand it at the time.

The world is full of Master Manipulators; skillful puppeteers that love to pull and prey on the weakness of others, some in positions of honor, some in places of treachery. All have fallen victim to such fiends at one time or another; those who say no, victim of their own delusion.

The gift of healing is best given free of tainted human perception. The ultimate “letting go”.  Free will learns the most profound lessons at the end of a free rein. It is here self is ready to look that deeply at contributions we all make to the planets ills. It is the place where self does not need to ask “why” anymore. Self is ready to see the run away train that selling out for comfort brings. Self is ready to see how modern conveniences have greatly weakened the vital force of the planet and all her life contained therein.

When self is mature enough in Spirit to see, accept and ponder such responsibility, perhaps here is where self can finally find the courage to emancipate from such sickly functions, regain security in her base energetic structure and function from a place of governing self, falling no more to the subtle sellout of judgment vapor locks.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cool Eats for Hot Summer Days

The heat is on!

Summer sizzles as the canyons crank up to furnace levels for those of us that love to play/work outside.

It is the time of year when diet is of prime importance to assist the bodies capability to work optimally when the sun bears down those radiating rays.

Here are a few of my favorite things that get me through the summer.


Sliced banana
1/2 cup frozen berries
1 ounce Noni juice
1 ounce kefir or raw colostrum
1 Tablespoon ground Flax seed
1/2 cup orange juice or juice of choice

Blend ingredients together and enjoy! Different fruits and/or veggies can be substituted.

Quinoa Salad

Boil up 1 cup quinoa with 2 cups water. Cook till done (about 15 min)

Meanwhile finely chop up a variety of veggies:

Green onions
Bell Peppers
Grate in Carrots
Grate in Beets

You can add or delete anything you wish. When chopped mix with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.
While the Quinoa is still warm grate in 2 garlic cloves. Mix in the warm Quinoa with the veggie mix to bring out all the flavors.

This can be served on a bed of lettuce or, better yet, here is my favorite summer time food I practically live on:

Heat a Tortilla or Wrap
Spread with Hummus
Add a generous helping of the Quinoa/Veggie mix
Add sprouts of your choice
Add a couple of slices of Avocado

Wrap up and enjoy. To me this is the perfect summer food. Provides cool fuel for your body that doesn't slow you down!

Stay well and enjoy the summer rays!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Funny how a human can mistake "taking at someone"
for heart-felt, thoughtful conversation.
Funny, how many times, these can be folks one is closest too.

Funny how animals can elude to deeper, meaningful exchanges -
without saying a word, that fills the Soul and won't exhaust you.
Yet, many consider them lesser beings.

Funny when you bring this to a humans' attention, some quitely reflect, some get mad, but by next conversation, they will trample everyone with ego once again.

Funny how I have no more patience for this and find more solace with wild critters,
than with my own kind.

So are many others.

All work is copyrighted.

Friday, April 29, 2011

An open letter to California Legislature:

Please consider writing a similar letter, your local California representative can be found at:

If you are an alternative animal practitioner, lets see if we can implement our own law to protect individuals rights to choose the healing modality of their choice. Contact me privately. Thank you to all who contribute!

I wish to address bill SB697 that was introduced by Senator Negrete Mcleod. It seems the “hearing was cancelled at the request of the author”. The gist of this bill was to consider many lay and alternative animal practitioners felons.

I wish to inform you of the journey many of us “alternative practitioners” have traveled, so if and when similar bills are introduced you will have a balanced perspective from which to render judgment.

Speaking for myself and other lay alternative practitioners I am blessed to network with, we never claim to be “veterinarians”. Our education has been paid for by the lives of beloved pets we have lost because licensed conventional treatment and means had set paradigms that life is supposed to live and die by. Deep inside, we felt we let our pets “down” somehow. This set our course to find others whose wisdom extended beyond the studies, research and clinical realms.

In this quest we found an old time reverence for the individual process of healing each being deserves. Many of us had an innate ability as children towards the gift of healing. As adults we found paths of healing that resonated with like minded professionals, some veterinarians, some talented lay practitioners that honed our art and were kind and generous enough to impart their wisdom. This process seared into our being the fact that healing is not forcing your idea of “health” on a being, but removing pre-programmed limits, in both self and the being,  that keeps the being from healing themselves.

Most of our clients have exhausted conventional medical realms, if one is then able to render aid to an ailing being by something as gentle as the laying of hands or homeopathy and that being finds relief not offered by other means – how can that be considered a felon?  Ink on paper should not instill fear of repercussion of rendering an ancient and age old gift. It is a very sad world legislation is creating if this turns out to be the case; you are killing human goodwill.

I need not remind you the dire and sad state this planet is in. Lobbyists have bought laws that benefit a chosen few. Government has sent jobs overseas for decades giving the youth in this country no choice but to join armed forces and kill themselves in wars driven by suits that never put themselves in harms way.

We are the only species that offers future generations a poisoned planet and slavery for our children via incredible debt loads. Laws obviously failed to inspire integrity for such a bleak outlook for human offspring. Integrity comes from within, not ink on paper.

Monumental natural and man made disasters are polluting the planet. We will no doubt see an increase in the disease process, Fukushima still spews radioactivity. Indeed those in the healing arts (conventional and alternative) should focus on working together for the good of the client, and leave the ego at the door. It is time to grow up folks; the clean up ahead is huge.

Most conventional professionals welcome the added support we alternative practitioners provide. Clients have switched to alternative practitioners like equine dentists after licensed professionals put horses in the hospital for excessive sedation, some of these horses did not make it out of the hospital. Will such licensed individuals face the same penalties? Or will it be business as usual seeking a scapegoat to extract more funds for a sinkhole economy of greed that never fills its belly?

We find that lay equine dentists’ work is less taxing to horses we love. The horses are able to eat afterwards and continue their work, instead of needing down time to recover. The horse world is full of nuances that unless one has years gleaning through the facades of showmanship, the horse will suffer the consequence. Again, those in suits should not be making laws without some sort of real-time, hands on experience.

In a failing economy alternative practitioners offer comfort for animals that may otherwise not find relief. Many folks are now living out of their cars with their pets. Alternative practitioners offer assistance for many in already dire straights, usually for no compensation. It is a sad existence we have created; please don’t add to the misery.

Laws that limit such a personal choice have no place in a so called free country. There are beings, like myself, that react very poorly to conventional medicine. I then find myself with the originating illness compounded by adverse drug reactions that then conventional medicine knows not what to do. Government has greatly overstepped in private matters, financially not one state is fiscally viable to implement health care for all. Individuals are tapped out, wondering if we will be in our home next month, we can’t afford governments ideals anymore. Human greed is the sword will are all falling on; the time is rife to trash the arrogance, greed and ego of old. If we choose not to, it will be our obsolescence.

The saddest truth is certain unscrupulous horse folk that beat horses till they break bones, will not be affected. Perhaps if you really want to raise the bar for animals, consider laws that would hold more consequence for those that abuse, torture and mutilate animals for sport. God only knows enough of these degenerates graduate to humans.

Please, educate yourself on the bills you consider passing, vote with integrity for future generations and not the whims of lobbyists, our country has already been prostituted and sold out.

In the mean time, please tell me how to get a bill passed to insure my right to work – and my clients” rights to the health care of their choice for their pets, livestock and themselves. In a free country, I shouldn’t even have to be asking for this, but feel the need to do so as too many states and countries have proposed/passed similar ludicrous laws. The very plant needed for health often grows as a weed in yard of the being that needs it the most; this is “green medicine”, this is a sacred right a human being has no business tampering with.

Thank you,

Renate Andrasevits Reed

CC: Gov. Brown,
Negrete Mcleod
Ted Lieu
Warren Furutani
Betsy Butler

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dark Light

There was something strangely protective I felt the first time I slipped on a leather garment. A pair of chaps that I was fitted for a nearing horse show I was competing in.

I was just a kid; but that leather enveloped me in a sense of security I had not felt before and definitely could not explain. It was like a full circle hug from ancestors long ago.

To this day when slipping into leather, there is a feeling of deep gratitude to the creature that gave its life to cover me with their wisdom. Something many of certain belief systems may never understand, but an important part of the whole still.

Life cycles in creation and destruction, our best and limited intentions will only morph life into a convoluted expression, such are human whims. Animals are keenly aware of this destiny and unlike man; they fool themselves not with a false platform of superiority that crumbles under the weight of phoniness.

There is a measure of human perception that is blinded by what we want to see and believe about ourselves. Usually the way we want life to be is the road of least resistance and challenge to ourselves. This imposes a very tainted slant to information we are able to interpret, because if it is not in line with what we want out of life – a human will tell themselves what they need to hear to get through life.

Animals don’t suffer from this delusion. They are in the moment and interpret life according to compiled information from heritage and experience. They take and give as it comes; a very true reflection is what the critters offer.

Lessons from the Predators

I have watched several generations of Red-Tailed Hawks for decades now. I have always found impressive the education this couple invests in its offspring to hone the skill of the hunt, to kill well, so they may live and thrive. From this I have gleaned how human’s are not fit to judge death, as for most, it offers the greatest challenge to the God-like notion of expectations we yoke life and each other with.

Having not known my own father well, I have watched this blessed bird in great awe as he floats on the thermals with his love, building their nest with carefully chosen materials, bringing nourishment to said mate and offspring and then nurture the process of fledgling flight evolving to a sustainable individual. This hawk inspires me.

In this process, the blood of other beings is spilt and populations kept in check. A balancing act so neither side thinks too much of themselves and recalls their place in the grand scheme of things, taking only what is needed. There is no life without death, the same force that heals, kills; it all boils down to proper use of power and knowing when to use it. No one gets out of here alive.

Neutralizing Extremes

There is great peace for me in letting go of anything that comes out of a human’s mouth. When peace is made with the opposing forces of good and evil (as much as humanly possible), one can see the contribution each side has made with more clarity, rather than spewing judgment from mere pre-programming that may make one feel better in the moment, but lacks deep reflection of life lessons that shine light into black holes too ominous to confront.

A spiritual load that encompasses that “full circle” cliché is often confronted in victims of child sexual abuse. Such abuse dis-empowers the will and potency of the solar plexus so that many victims are not even able to articulate their violation till compensatory behaviors have suppressed and morphed the pain into a mutated reflection of their perpetrator. Child porn incites decomposition to the collective Soul of the planet that erodes and insults victims with each view. Laws do not inspire conscientious action, if the core is corrupt, dissonance follows.

Human trafficking is slavery alive and well in modern times. Some believe the soul returns for refinement. This concept strikes others as cruel and unnecessary. The human is the animal with the least amount of time on this planet compared to many other forms of life. In that short span, the two-legged have done the most damage to the planet that feeds and sustains not only the human race, but so many other forms of life. No other species leaves future generations a poisoned planet nor do they allow those that govern the option of yoking distant generations with what amounts to slavery via incredible dept loads. Humans allow this to happen to their offspring then arrogantly speak of how they know what happens to the soul once this existence is done. This is a great discrepancy I find impossible to digest.

Judgment represents itself as a human doing the best it can with what it knows at the time. It is rare to find a human who can speak in the moment, without the coloring their words with guilt, fear, manipulation or pre-programming.

As the need for judgment dissipates, the being is ready and able to see contributing factors to any given situation. When a being is secure in their base (root chakra), the voice deepens (speaking from core truths) and the being is able to make decisions that 1). They know they can handle the outcome – even if they don’t know how or why) 2). They know where to sink their energy, what to take on, what to walk away from. These beings also know that intuition is often shut down so fate/destiny can take over and do what it needs to do without human “interference”. Yes, humans often get a chance to put away those bloody opposable thumbs, stop contriving and controlling and go along for the ride, so that they may learn the value of “letting go”. I have often thought of many life events as a grand theater for the drama of the ego. I believe many mistake co-creation for a trick of the ego, for once in the “flow” self realizes it is a grand crescendo of many wishes and hurts brought to fruition for the sake of deeper compassion and understanding; nothing more, nothing less. It all rolls into one.

Once in this flow, the zero state, self realizes all life as well placed stepping stones to get to where you need to go. All needs have been met, whether it is known or not. And what self thought was loss was something whose purpose was served and the opportunity for moving on has arrived – sometimes with a swift kick in the ass! Energy has its own innate wisdom that way.

Retribution becomes a spoke in a wheel of old sick pre-programming that one is more than ready to walk away from. Room and maturity of spirit has been made for a secure foundation to build its way, or at least this is what is hoped for. If all parties are a bit more able to stand on their own two feet with a bit more peace and stability than the day before – hey, that’s a good day! Peace is a scarce commodity in these times; a gift humanity has often thrown away in exchange for a so called comfort. When peace of mind replaces the worry of old, humanity has reclaimed a huge chunk of a solid foundation. Energy work and homeopathy aid greatly in clearing miasms that contribute to keeping beings stuck in sickly patterns they usually don’t even know they are repeating till its too late, becoming that which they hate/fear the most.

 The Ride is Always too Short

So I will don my black leather and ride my big, black bike, it makes me feel good. People will see me riding down the road and form all kinds of opinions that have nothing to do with who I really am or the shared burdens carried inside me.  They hear of my work and yoke me with an expectation of who I am supposed to be, according to their ideals. I never see myself the way they see me, the need to be someone else’s expectation, is not who I am or who I wish to be.

 By owning both ends of the spectrum, nothing is glossed over or assumed not to exit. An aspect of self acknowledged as "less than light" will not have to be suppressed and morph into something one did not see coming because it was denied. When working in certain areas of town that are thought of as “dangerous” it is imperative to be this complete. Also when working with predatory animals, owning all aspects of self paints a complete picture and not a weak delusion of who self thinks they are. Know yourself well. All beings can see through the delusion, except for the one fooling only themselves. Embrace flaws and perfections; the ride is always too short.

I like to joke with folks to aim low, and then we will all be pleasantly surprised. I will hear and see all kinds of things I wish I never needed to know. I will do so because like a black hole in the universe, I know anything can be broken down and transmuted to particles beyond atoms and something shining can be reflected/created back from it.

When I am done infinity will provide and I don’t need to get stuck in anyone else’s pre-programmed version of what will happen to me. That has been in the works since before I came here and it always works out the way it should J

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easing Fears of Nuclear Exposure

Greetings all,

In lieu of unfolding events in Japan I put together a list of things one can do to empower self in times of great stress regarding the nuclear disaster now unfolding in the wake of Japans’ earthquake and tsunami.

First and foremost diet: Here is an excerpt of some dietary suggestions to ease the bodies’ burdens:

At the time of the atomic bombing, Tatsuichiro Akizuki, M.D. was Director of the Department of Internal Medicine at St. Francis's Hospital in Nagasaki and he fed his staff and patients a strict diet of brown rice, miso and tamari soy soup, wakame, kombu and other seaweed, Hokkaido pumpkin, and sea salt. He also prohibited the consumption of sugar and sweets since they suppress the immune system.

By imposing this diet on his staff and patients, no one succumbed to radiation poisoning whereas the occupants of hospitals located much further away from the blast incident suffered severe radiation fatalities. Much of this positive result has to do with the fact that the sea vegetables contain substances that bind radioactive particles and escort them out of the body. This is why seaweed sales usually skyrocket after radiation disasters, and why various seaweeds and algae are typically used to treat radiation victims.

In Chernobyl, for instance, spirulina was used to help save many children from radiation poisoning. By taking 5 grams of spirulina a day for 45 days, the Institute of Radiation Medicine in Minsk even proved that children on this protocol experienced enhanced immune systems, T-cell counts and reduced radioactivity. Israeli scientists have since treated Chernobyl children with doses of natural beta carotene from Dunaliella algae and proved that it helped normalize their blood chemistry. Chlorella algae, a known immune system builder and heavy metal detoxifier, has also shown radioprotective effects. Because they bind heavy metals, algae should therefore be consumed after exposure to any type of radioactive contamination.
(Note: Marine phytoplankton is also a powerbul detoxifier and nourishing product

In 1968 a group of Canadian researchers at McGill University of Montreal, headed by Dr. Stanley Skoryna, actually set out to devise a method to counteract the effects of nuclear fallout. The key finding from their studies was that sea vegetables contained a polysaccharide substance, called sodium alginate, which selectively bound radioactive strontium and eliminated it from the body.
Sodium alginate is found in many seaweeds, especially kelp, and since that time the Russians have been seriously researching the use of their own kelps from Vladivlostok, from which they have isolated the polysaccharide U-Fucoidan, which is another radioactive detoxifier. Because miso soup was so effective in helping prevent radiation sickness, the Japanese have also done research identifying the presence of an active ingredient called zybicolin, discovered in 1972, which acts as a binding agent to also detoxify and eliminate radioactive elements (such as strontium) and other pollutants from the body.

The kelps and algaes aren't the only natural foods with radio-detoxifying effects. In terms of fluids to drink, black and green tea have shown "radioprotective effects" whether consumed either before or after exposure to radiation. This anti-radiation effect was observed in several Japanese studies, and studies from China also suggest that the ingredients in tea are radioactive antagonists.

In short, after any sort of radioactive exposure you want to be eating seaweeds and algaes along with almost any type of commercial heavy metal chelating formula to bind radioactive particles and help escort them out of the body. Whether you're worried about depleted uranium, plutonium or other isotopes, this is the wise thing to do which can possibly help, and certainly won't hurt. Many nutritional supplements have been developed for the purpose of detoxifying heavy metals, most of which contain the algaes and plant fibers and other binding substances. Basically, an anti-radiation diet should focus on the following foods:

· Miso soup
· Spirulina, chlorella and the algaes (kelp, etc.)
· Brassica vegetables and high beta carotene vegetables
· Beans and lentils
· Potassium, calcium and mineral rich foods
· High nucleotide content foods to assist in cellular repair including spirulina, chlorella, algae, yeast, sardines, liver, anchovies and mackerel
· cod liver oil and olive oil
· Avoid sugars and sweets and wheat
· A good multivitamin/multimineral supplement

Yet another benefit of the sea vegetables rarely discussed is their high mineral content, which is a bonus in the case of radioactive exposure. Consuming natural iodine, such as in the seaweeds, helps prevent the uptake of iodine-131 while iron inhibits the absorption of plutonium-238 and plutonium-239. Vitamin B-12 inhibits cobalt-60 uptake (used in nuclear medicine), zinc inhibits zinc-65 uptake and sulfur is preventative for sulfur-35 (a product of nuclear reactors) incorporation by the body.

Since nuclear workers are potentially exposed to radioactive sulfur, this means that workers in the atomic power industry need a higher content of sulfur in their diet. MSM supplements provide a source of dietary sulfur, but thiol supplements such as cysteine, lipoic acid and glutathione serve double-duty in this area because they help detoxify the body and attack all sorts of other health problems as well.

The thyroid is often the first to show signs of stress after exposure. Potassium Iodide is a supplement that will supply the necessary iodine to the thyroid and protect this important gland and chakra center. Please use this supplement only under supervision of a professional as if not needed, it will cause disruption of thyroid function.

The Bush Flower Essence “Electro” was said to significantly drop radiation levels in victims of Chernobyl.

Clay baths with zeolite, green or red clay also help to detox the body and should be regularly employed in these polluted times we live in.

There are many homeopathics that help in these areas as well, as these can be very sensitive to subtle energies of the individual please work with a professional when employing this modality.

And whether one believes in conspiracy theories or not, there is much buzz about the HAARP system. I will only add this from experience with my critters both domestic and wild. Whether this human manipulation is at the heart of this or not, the animals still know; growing coats accordingly, seeking shelter accordingly, seeking out healing foods accordingly, etc. Nature knows, despite what human greed, arrogance and ego seek to manipulate. Put your trust in Greater Things than your fear and preprogrammed manipulation and you and yours will be just fine. I believe that is what these times are all about - letting go.

Great peace to all,