Monday, September 6, 2010

Paper that makes us crazy

Copyright 2008

Back when I was doing a good deal of riding horses and animal communication I often encountered animals suffering the burden of their owners either through divorce or financial misfortune. We have no idea how these little emotional sponges bear our heart breaks.

These creatures were perplexed by the humans in their lives who transferred them, along with the stress, bitterness and agony these situations bring out in people.

There is no logical way to explain these artificial walls of financial incarceration humans have devised to animals. Though these monetary realms are so real to humans, there is no way the critters could understand the concept – so I began to call it “Paper that makes us crazy”.

It helps to know words are symbols for feelings, things etc. When telling the critters about paper that makes us crazy in non-verbal communication one sends a heart sent message and whole body feeling. This concept seemed to help them understand the complexity and the gravity of our problems, without taking on too much of it themselves.

My mom passed when I was in my teens. The lens through which I viewed life changed drastically that day. The Spirit world was more real to me than the charades people play in the meat-suit. On a deep level I knew the animals were right, much of what modern man does never made sense to me.

We humans weave a web of artificial soul worth; we are our job, our possessions, our family, and our status. Many humans have no idea who they really are. Animals read the worth of our soul without the extras we encumber ourselves with. Once the bond is sealed with a beloved pet, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, thin or chubby; the critters love deeply and without prejudice. Knowing the soul’s worth is a sweet gift that carries on once this phase in life is over, as it erases the boundaries of life and death. It keeps your feet walking in grace and tranquility; connecting all life and quelling the concerns of the ego.

I will never forget a small black and white dog I was asked to speak with. He seemed to go completely crazy when the family that adopted him returned him to the rescue facility from which he had been adopted, as the family was headed for divorce. He would snap viciously; there was no consoling him. Euthanasia was considered as no one could get near him.

Most people will not or do not want to accept the grave consequences of what we throw away, and we are talking living beings here. There are people who plan for a careful transition and place their furry family members in a loving home. Yet the problem of abandoned animals is a critical epidemic these days and it is heart-breaking to us that do rescue work as we are all bursting at the seams with the throw-aways of others.

As for the for-mentioned pooch, I told the rescuer if a meeting could be arranged with the dog’s family, the display of rage we saw would be non-existent. It felt like a stretch when I told her, most folks logic would say to put the dog down, but I have learned to trust the voices in my head above all else.

The rescue did arrange that meeting, and as soon as the pooch saw his family, he was the complete picture of puppy-hood happiness. Unfortunately the family was to divorce and neither the husband nor wife wanted this dear little soul. He lived out with life with his rescuer and we all learned a sad lesson in human loyalty that day.

The days of riding troubled horses and animal communication are a definite change of pace to the healing work I now do, traveling to different areas aiding beings seeking my service.

I love the work I do. I travel from some of the most downtrodden areas of Los Angeles to some of the finest. I get to sample a wide slice of Americana and cultures, and I deeply appreciate the struggles every being I meet shares with me. I get to see an array of events and how those events impact the lives of many beings. I find it fascinating and a blessing to live and learn life through the experience of others.

The current economic situation seems to be hitting like a plague or natural disaster. It strikes everyone whether they be well to do or impoverished; it does not discriminate. It is paper making us crazy at its worst.

In my travels I am often approached by homeless people. I am honored by the conversations they share with me as each day I see life with a bit more clarity than the day before.

We may have many preconceived notions about the homeless and some may be true, but what many may not realize is that some chose to live with the harsh elements the streets offer because they could not live with what a family member did over money. Some homeless choose to walk away from societies conceived comforts, so they would not have to live with the lie others presented about themselves. The homeless observe our comings and goings, much like the critters do, and many know more about neighborhood habits than long time residents!

There are those living on the streets with their animals; they are loyal and true to their furry friends. And though they may not be able to provide all that we think they should to the little beasts, the homeless provide time, company and a close pack-like bond that most chasing the Money God will never know. There is no paycheck, no taxes to pay, no time card to punch, no boss to impress and no employees to motivate that would rather be somewhere else (many homeless I speak with find this very liberating) and there is a freedom most of us would never know and would probably be quite scared to live that free. Yet it is possible to be content without money or the comforts of home. Peace of mind comes in many forms.

I thank my homeless friends for the gifts they have shared with me; they are living Faith because they live not contriving life to their whims, but rather relying on their Maker to make their way each day.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

It is ill-conceived what those in charge have allowed this country to slip into. Anyone who remembers the savings and loan fiasco that happened in the late 80’s early 90’s may recall how badly those loans were structured and the damage they caused.

Adjustable rate mortgages have a low rate/payment to start, then the loan would adjust upwards depending on the financial index it is tied too. Some loans raise quickly, some more slowly. The homeowner had the option to pay the initial payment, but if the homeowner chose that option, the difference between the starter rate and the new rate would be added to the loan principal so the loan would keep growing unless the full amount was paid. What lenders and Wall Street allowed to pass as a sub-prime loan this time around should have been considered a criminal act.

Yet it takes two to dance; if people said no to these loans, things would not have gotten this far. Manna was raining from Heaven and still they want Quail! In a glutton-like feast of materialism, people needed more. More cars, bigger homes, the fact we were already in debt didn’t matter – we needed to build a better image, never being grateful for all we had. Still others, not being educated about financing bought into loans too good to be true, and when the rates went up, the gnashing of teeth began.

Like addicts needing another fix, people charged their way to poverty and when the lie of credit ran out, people were struck with the DTs wondering where the next fix will come from.

The possibility of losing everything can be terrifying. Yet this man-made disaster pales in comparison to the man- made disaster of war. World War II personally tainted four generations in my family thus far. In most modern wars those in suits fill the populous with fear and then in the name of God each side goes off and kills each other. War after war, young soldiers come home and are forgotten by the government they fought for. Stunning what the human animal is capable of. No other creature on earth wastes resources or energy killing each other in such vast amounts as the human does.

I have worked with survivors of different wars, each carries terrors from their past. Each wounded by man’s most vile act. Yet they are here, and they teach me.

A woman came to me for a session of energy work to help with a recurring dream. During the session in my mind’s eye I saw small child, perhaps 4 or 5 years old, family and village decimated by bombs, I felt her complete and utter hopelessness. While it is easy to judge others when life is good, one has no idea the monster one may become seeing a beloved city and family members bombed to bits. You wouldn’t know the burden she carries if you saw her walking down the street. We shared some insights after her session, she smiled, her dreams went away and she was weaned to stand on her own two feet and acknowledge the angels, living and in spirit that got her this far. We all have help, no one does this alone.

In homeopathy, remedies made from animal substances tend to have a sweet side and a ferocious side. The universe and nature herself have cycles of creation and destruction. It is often a bi-polar place, serene one minute then stormy the next. It is not any easy ride for any being here.

Man tells himself many tales to make the ride a bit easier. Man is the only beast that deems himself superior enough to tell one another whether the soul goes to heaven, or hell or comes back. Humans get yoked with philosophies before we are born, till the song our hearts were meant to sing can scarcely be heard. The truth may lie somewhere between everyone’s ideals or it may be something completely different. We are the species that has lived on earth the least compared to other beasts and have done the most damage, yet we arrogantly claim to know so much.

Perhaps if we took a step back from our assumed superiority and admit we are part of this destructive and creative cycle, we would remember that very old song this planet and her life have sung for ages.

We would know how to use integrity instead of force. There are times when the mama bear in me comes out (usually when an animal is danger), and I can tell you it has kept me safe in the midst of gang members and convicts. Not that I am that strong or smart – I just read the energy and stood up to them. Told them things even their mama was afraid to. I knew the risks – these guys can kill just as easy as breathe – yet they thanked me for having the gumption to stand up to them. Wow, who knew?

What is happening can be cause for alarm, but the gift of my life and the life of others have taught me many things, the most important of which is I don’t need a thing I don’t already have, and at that I have too much. My critters know it too. It is an eclectic mix of beings that get along and appreciate each others gifts. It is controlled chaos that keeps us sane.

Energy work is an extension of our Souls’ prayers; what the Soul asks for, it will always get. Energy has its own innate wisdom and if you listen to its small, sweet whisper and not cloud that intuition with your own indoctrination, ego or agenda, it does guide your footsteps in grace and you don’t need to know everything or have everything, because what you need is already there. Energy work wakes up the internal GPS, you will know what to do and when to do it. It is the silent song this planet has sung for ages.

Angels do show up in the most delightful form, doors open and they help you stand on your own two feet. But do remember to live in gratitude for that grace. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Perhaps someday people will remember this ancient wisdom just as the animals do. We will finally treat ourselves and all life with more reverence. 


  1. awesome!!! you hit on the nose for me!!

  2. One of my favorite phrases you use is "Humans get yoked with philosophies before we are born..." -- I am glad you are going to be blogging, as I enjoy the messages of your writing...

  3. Thank you! Hope to keep cranking out some quality writing!


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